The Poor Richards

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Dim The Lights 2008-2009

You Give Me Something
Hometown Glory
When Did Your Heart Go Missing
Something to Talk About
Trouble Sleeping

Inner Thoughts 2007-2008

Over My Head
Put Your Records On
Let Me Leave
Who's To Say
New Strings
Make Me Whole
The Way You Love Me
Natural Woman
Can't Get Enough

Touring Nowhere 2006-2007

I've Seen All Good People
Big Yellow Taxi
This Side
Cowboy Take Me Away
Sunday Morning
When You Come Back Down
You Set Me Free
If I am
I Turn To You
Turn Off The Lights
Justin Timberlake Medley

My Other Ride 2002-2003

Either Way
All Four Seasons
Just Friends
Eternal Flame
I See Your Smile
Pure Shores
Holiday In Spain
Closing Time
The Grinch Medley

Hold The Elevator 2000-2001

Crash And Burn
Sweet Surrender
Crash Into Me
You've Got A Friend
Thank You
Can't Help Falling In Love
Least Complicated
Ain't No Sunshine
No More I Love You's


Love Show- Originally by Skye, solo by Courtney Edwards '10

  Original Sin- Originally by Elton John, solo by Varun Narayan '09

Love on the Rocks- Originally by Sarah Bareilles, solo by Amanda McDonald '08

At Last-OrIginally by Etta James, solo by Alexandra

Angel-Originally by Sarah McLaughlan, solo by Amy

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