The Poor Richards

                                    The Richards are...












Name: Aaron Velasquez '14

Major/Minor: Undecided

Voice Part: Vocal Percussion

Hometown: Morristown, NJ

Favorite Music: Hip Hop, Jazz, Alternative Rock, Experimental Electronica

Interests:Making Music, Film, Chillen, Eating at Sugarbowl, frisbee , and snacks on snacks

Which Harry Potter character best decribes you: Ron Weasely because I would make out with Emma Watson.




Name: Babe Berry '14

Major/Minor: Undecided

Voice Part: Bassitone

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Favorite Music: Hanson

Interests: Spelunking, Chi Omega 4 boyz


Which Harry Potter character best decribes you: Seamus Finnigan, because I'm a complete pyro and I love soccer!







Name: Charlotte Donovan '12

Major/Minor: Art HIstory & French

Voice Part: Soprano? idk liz throws me around like the town bicycle

Hometown: Pelham Manor, NY


Favorite Music: I like everythanggg

Interests:  CHI OMEGA! xoxoxoxo chi oh till i die ohh, definitely not Rob Hassler, hummus, coffee, diet coke, and pixie stix


Which Harry Potter character best decribes you: Neville Longbottom






Name: Elizabeth Sullivan '13/ Musical Director

Major/Minor: Mathematics

Voice Part: Soprano, Alto, at times Tenorish

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Favorite Music: All the time: Folk, R&B/soul, rock. Only when I'm alone: Opera, trashy synthpop, '80s rock

Interests:  Irish dance, video games, CaptchArt, being SO silly, knowing a large percentage of the internet, throwing Charlotte around voice parts "like the town bicycle", dogs

Which Harry Potter character best decribes you: Luna Lovegood...yeah. Umm, I like weird jewelry.




Name: Rob Hassler '12 / Vice President

Major/Minor: American Studies & Art History

Voice Part: Bass

Hometown: Reading, PA

Favorite Music: Ke$ha and Brooke Hardy


Interests: Soccer, Film, Picking Boogers, Charlotte Donovan


Which Harry Potter character best decribes you: the pet rat








Name: Christopher Bemis '14 / Asst. Musical Director

Major/Minor: Chemistry/Pre-med, music minor if I have enough time

Voice Part: Baritone/Tenor

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

Favorite Music:  Folk, indie, jazz, blues, Kevin Barnes

Interests: Writing, recording, and performing music, learning new instruments, Legend of Zelda, frisbee, flannel shirts, chai, and leading the Beard Committee

Which Harry Potter character best decribes you:  Remus Lupin for no particular reason, I've always sympathized with his character.




Name: Jacob Mozes-Reisman '12

Major/Minor: Philosophy

Voice Part: Tenor

Hometown: Newton, MA

Favorite Music: JASON MRAZ

Interests: Judaism, tickling my fellow Poor Richards, and picnics


Which Harry Potter character best decribes you: Cho Chang




Name: Lauren S. Coffua '14/ Alumni Relations

Major/Minor: Biology/Pre-Med with an undecided minor

Voice Part: Transectional (i love that word) but mainly Soprano 1 or 2
Hometown:  Newtown Square, PA

Favorite Music: Punk, country, and classical

Interests: I eat a ton and drink way too much diet arizona green tea with ginseng. I am easily persuaded when given a twix bar.


Which Harry Potter character best decribes you: Hermione Granger of course! Take a glance at our similar hair puffiness. I also spit out random and completely useless facts and have a knack for being an overachiever.






Name: Moira Thompson '14

Major/Minor: English

Voice Part: Alto, Mezzo-Soprano

Hometown: Westminster, Maryland

Favorite Music: All of it.


Interests: F&M, cute animals, Chi Omega, friends, family, Old Bay, music, meowing when its awkward, sleeping, and bagels.

Which Harry Potter character best decribes you: Hedwig. Because she's the cat's meow. 





Name: Chris Riehm '13

Major/Minor: Scientific & Philosophical Studies of Mind

Voice Part: Bass/Baritone

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Favorite Music: Zapp and Roger, the dixie chicks, Gwar

Interests: Chillin, making music, searching my soul, table soccer, hosting co-ed parties, writing inspirational poetry 


Which Harry Potter character best decribes you: Dean Thomas because I'm the most attractive black kid in the group



Name: Daniel Williams '13

Major/Minor: Music/French

Voice Part: Baritone

Hometown: Westmoreland, Jamaica

Favorite Music: Everything outside of Metal and (most) Country


Interests: Learning about other cultures and customs, teaching others how to dougie, LMFAOOOO!!!

Which Harry Potter character best decribes you: Fred Weasley - Fred best describes me because we're both identical twins! Also, Fred & his brother are Beaters on their quidditch team similarly to David (my twin) and I who played Linebackers back when I used to do the whole sports thing.



NameKathy Stull '12 / President

Major/Minor: Anthropology/ History

Voice Part: Soprano

Hometown: Bedford, New Hampshire

Favorite Music: americana, folk, indie...basically the child of Neko Case and Jenny Lewis

Interests: Russia, the color black, The Beard Committee, old people, The Celtics, and Family Weekend Concert 

Which Harry Potter character best describes you: The Sorting Hat because it puts the witches and wizards in their place...or Ginny Weasley because she gets to marry Harry Potter



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